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About Next Level Fitness - Mission & Implementation

We consider these the essentials for being a fitness professional and what makes us a top training and nutrition service:

1. Education - we are certified ISSA Personal Trainers, ISSA Fitness Nutrition Specialists, USAW Sports Coaches, USAPL Club Level Coaches. We communicate, learn and practice with elite and established coaches, condition and nutrition specialists, PhDs and pro athletes.

2. Experience - 8 years of strength training certified practice, over 15 years of strength training experience with over 8000 training sessions and over 500 group classes taught. We have worked with the full range of demographics (14-80) and with all ranges of goals - fat loss, muscle gain, strength/power gain, competition
prep, sports conditioning, injury prevention and post PT recovery.

3. Appearance - we "walk the walk" with our healthy lifestyle and our physiques show we know what we teach. We apply our foundation principles to ourselves daily. We go through different levels of leanness and strength. We experiment personally different approaches and methods of strength training and nutrition. Kate is a Natural Pro Figure competitor and both of us participate in power lifting competitions annually.

4. Passion - we love what we do. Our mission is to transform as many people as we can. We want to convey our knowledge to every client. We breathe, sleep and eat "fitness" daily. We know more about our clients than anyone else - their strengths, weaknesses, limitations and motivation. Our clients goals are our goals!

5. Results - there is a reason why we are called "next level fitness and nutrition". We have achieved numerous transformations and have inspired and educated everyone who has used our services.

6. Growth - growth is crucial to success. For us, success is not monetary, business savvy or "sell out" oriented . We attend workshops and local and national competitions every year. We both set aside an average of 1hr daily to check latest studies, training methods, research summaries and trainers/specialists input. We are constantly adding knowledge that is current, proven and tried!

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  • 103 Pan Ridge Court, Suite1
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Meet The Trainers

Next Level Fitness’s mission is to “build better bodies.” Our Team NLF consists of:

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    Mariyan Todorov
  • Mariyan
  • Mariyan

Mariyan Todorov – owner, ISSA Fitness personal and Group Trainer, USAPL and USAW club coach. Bulgarian by origin, Mario has broad athletic background . He specializes in workout routines, weightlifting techniques and methods, resistance training for muscle gain, body fat loss, athletic performance, injury recovery and prevention, advanced fitness goals.

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    Kate Rupert
  • Kate Rupert, Next Level Fitness Competing
  • Kate Rupert, Next Level Fitness Trainer

Kate Rupert – ISSA Fitness Trainer and ISSA Nutritionist Specialist. USAPL and USAW Club Coach Kate Rupert is an active Professional Natural Figure Competitor and has advanced knowledge on competitive fitness training nutrition and preparation.

Kate is an expert in nutrition and nutritional guidance for any fitness goal.


  • Next Level Fitness Studio

    Studio Description

    We do believe skills and personality create a personal service. But we wanted to have an elite training facility as well so we created it.

Why is Next Level Fitness The Number One Private Personal Training Studio in OBX:


Pieces of Equipment


Plate Loaded Machines


lbs in Plates


lbs in Stacks


pairs of Dumbbells


Medicine balls


Body bars

Next Level Fitness OBX Equipment


Stacked Machines


lbs in Dumbbells


lbs in Barbells






Kettle Bells


Stacks Image 93507
Full Power Cage with a 7x7 platform
Deadlift/ Row Platform
Protein Shakes/ Supplements Bar
60" TV with Fire stick or Apple TV Airplay from any client`s smart phone...
600w of crystal clear sound
..all 2400 sq ft available for each individual/ group private training sessions! Just you and your trainer!